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Sharon is Karen here
bang give me a letter
ladies and gentlemen welcome back to
listen I’m a barber podcast I’m Jay
Hollywood and I’m here with my boy Matt
yo welcome to the show yo bro it’s
really good what’s really good is what
you got in your hand right now yeah well
we’re gonna find out all right
so a little quick background no math
probably over a decade now and he had
of my favorite restaurants in South
Jersey Lumpy’s bro just want to say the
cheat day quesadilla has changed that
that changed my life listen bro and you
know what’s crazy
is the cheat day it came from literally

one of my guys who was like a real gym
guy he was like dude I’m gonna eat like
I need to eat something so boom there it
was chop up the fingers it was like one
of them like go out back like what can
you [ __ ] make what did I make and
then you put it all together and it’s
sneeze Ranch
yeah honestly you know what it is it’s
it’s the little it’s the little bit of
ranch with I honestly no it was your
barbecue sauce your barbecue sauce was
probably that the Tangy one yeah the
sweet and tangy God that was [ __ ]
good man yeah man you know it’s always
it was always rinse and repeat honestly
it’s over there try this try to try this
try to try this how long did it take you
actually to get like your recipes down
I mean we went in we went in with
recipes that like we had okay and then
we kind of just build on that because we
knew that you know what we had
originally would work yeah but you know
you always gotta in any business you
know you gotta expand you gotta be
willing to make changes you gotta listen
to your customer base if you’re not you
know it’s at the end of the day if you
want people to buy what you’re selling
you got to make them want what you’re
selling you know what I’m saying like yo
what would you what was your best
selling item because honestly every time
I went into Lumpy’s I either went with
the cheat day quesadilla or it was
almost just it was like second nature I
would go with the pulled pork sandwich
that was I mean nothing topped that for
me for me nothing’s about that I mean
honestly we sold everything yeah but I
mean if I had to if I had to choose one
thing I mean everybody bought the pulled
pork I mean yeah there wasn’t pulled
pork is one of those things where it’s
like it’s either good or it’s not yeah
I mean yo real quick I’m I’m staring one
at that [ __ ] massive blunt that you
got in your [ __ ] hand and two
I can’t stop looking at your [ __ ] leg
dude is that Thomas Shelby on your
[ __ ] leg dude yes Tommy Shelby had to
get it had to get it cracking uh shout
out to Steve Bischoff
um he does all my tattoos he’s been
doing my tattoo since I was 20. you’re
Inked up dude I got a lot you got a lot
I got a lot but I also started like it
yeah I’m 17 like I was started 17. yeah
I got I had my net I did my neck and uh

and my hands like when I was like 18.
holy [ __ ] like anybody anybody like give
you a [ __ ] for that oh [ __ ] yeah
that’s not one of those things you do
and you got to think about yeah like I’m
about to turn 37 so this is 20 years ago
but I mean you think 20 years ago I mean
early wow yeah early 2000s like people
that wasn’t that wasn’t how it is now
that was not acceptable no like I came
home listen I came home and that you
know I was I was I was still living in
my parents house at that point and I
just remember like I was out for a long
time my mother came into the room to
like you know see if I was all right and
I had no shirt on and I might like my
neck tattoos all out my hands are like
chilling and she’s all I heard was

no joke bro I think by the time I
actually got my neck done like my
parents just didn’t give a [ __ ] and they
knew I didn’t give a [ __ ] yeah bro oh
you gotta you gotta try it yeah dude
this is a this is like a [ __ ] it’s a
masterpiece literally a wiffle ball bat
I didn’t know we were playing baseball
big Phil’s win let me try this nah it’s
nice it’s nice but you know like you
know like we were saying like back then
I mean there wasn’t you weren’t doing
that yo that’s good that’s right that’s
smooth nice smooth holy [ __ ] I was
honestly smoother than I thought it was
gonna be yeah usually I’ve tried these
before and they’ll choke you up a little
bit Yeah like this maybe it’s the glass
tip I I’m just a tip
I didn’t even want to expand we’re not
expanding on them
but like yeah like you gotta think back
oh two
you people weren’t doing the [ __ ] that
they’re doing now in 2023 like the the
shift in the way Society is from now to
back then I mean it’s totally different
100 agree so like when I came when I
when I had when I came back with those
like I I literally I think I got my neck
done on like a Tuesday and I got my
hands done on like a Friday [ __ ] like
right after one right after the next
like it was just like a you know what
this week I’m gonna not care about my
it was one of those things bro it was
like quite the contrary though because
right I had a lot of people once I
started getting tattoos they were kind
of like yo like why okay first off
I have a really odd enjoyment yeah they
[ __ ] hurt we know that but I like it
yeah the weird I like it I don’t really
care that it like weirds people out like
if that’s my twist but
I saw that there’s enough people out
there that are tattooed yeah doing
better than the people who shun tattoos
so I’m like wait a minute hold on this
cat’s over here tatted yeah feed the
neck you know maybe the face tattoo I
never got into that listen I know that I
know the younger crowd that’s like uh
more of like an acceptable thing but
like nah I’m out I’m out on that dude I
just got back from the Dominican
Republic my fiance went
I was walking around shirtless right now
dude and they love it down here the the
people from the Dr loved it yeah they
love it but all the people at the
[ __ ] Resort were looking I’m like oh
my God
and then some people would stare just
real yeah and I’m like hi yeah and
they’re like I’m sorry I’m like keep
looking yeah that’s cool with me it is
what it is but listen the last time that
I was in the Dior
my wife and I would be walking and this
one dude that worked at the resort every
time because I don’t have my throat on
he kept on looking at me and going
no and my wife’s like
but it was just like it’s just too funny
because they love it like but they
automatically it’s just you know their
the culture down here like they
automatically think that you’re like a
drug dealer you know what I mean Kingpin
boy over there so you know but first of
all the Dr is great I love it how do you
like it it was good it was good it was
uh it was my second or third time there
I forget this is my first time at a
resort though I don’t really do Resorts
I like to go right into the shits man
yeah right into the sheds I want to see
something I can’t see here this is the
first time I really was like take my
girl right we’re just gonna [ __ ]
chill right like time in the spot like
it was a [ __ ] all you could eat all
you could drink I barely drank right I
think I had like a couple
couple and then I was like I just don’t
want to get drunk yeah but real quick I
want to go back for a second okay back
to Lumpy’s
and mix it with the tattoos right you
know the generations are changing a
little bit and it’s like
we were a little bit ahead of the
generation where it’s like hold on now
you can kind of still be expressive
right and not be a complete [ __ ]
loser like most people would just kind
of already assign right you know I had
an issue with that years ago and I said
if you’re working for yourself
nobody is actually going to fire you no

you can’t fire yourself unless you just
give the [ __ ] up yeah you know but I
guess that’s primarily based on the
person yeah but I guess
just to see where we kind of evolved in
the last like 10 years I remember
you know I didn’t really know you as
well I was just like you just had a very
respected name it’s like right go talk
to Matt I know your brothers right they
caught your brother’s hair a couple
times he’s cool families good people
but it’s like I went through this whole
period where
when we re-link back up at Lumpy’s when
I found out you opened a restaurant I
was like yo that’s that’s crazy he was
one of the guys like me that everybody
was like oh I don’t know he’s gonna be a
fuck-up and the senator the next thing
yeah you you got people
you got people well almost into US
almost a seven-figure business combined
it’s when people buying [ __ ] from you
dude honestly
it’s about survival more than anything I
mean like I didn’t I didn’t go into I
didn’t like when I first got into that
business I wasn’t like yo this is what I
want to do I want to own a restaurant
like it wasn’t like that at all yeah
we’ve probably spoken about it years
prior but yeah
where like how did you actually go
into a restaurant like by barbecue
specifically like was that just an
opportunity was it just like because you
said you didn’t want to do that like I
knew I wanted to cut hair yeah you know
you didn’t know what I wanted to do
honestly dude like I was I was
everywhere and I didn’t mean I was a
mess so I mean I got a job I got a job
working at a barbecue place and I was
just delivering and doing odds and ends
or whatever it needed it then they
needed to cook so I started cooking
did that and then uh they were opening
up more stores so I was going and
opening stores up for them and then uh
once they were done opening stores it
was basically like
I wasn’t really needed so yeah I jumped
out did catering and then the state in
New Jersey laws changed and it was like
you had to have a commissary that was
actually like a restaurant what do you
mean like we used to we used to do it at
a warehouse like all the catering like
shows and stuff like that you should do
it out of a warehouse
but like then then the New Jersey laws
changed and they wanted a commissary
that was actual kitchen so it was like
all right gotta open this door you know
what I mean so it’s almost almost
pushing it into like what I wanted to
like at the end of the day they just
want the money so it was one of them
things like you just you know we did
that and then you know it was slow it
was slow and then it just boomed it was
it was great it was a great
uh part of my life for a number of years
and then you know at the end dude like
you know at least like two three years
that I was like doing it dude I just
it was just so much work
and just too much [ __ ] yeah too much
[ __ ] so like it was yeah you’re
working for yourself but in that
instance I was literally working for the
people that worked for me
oh that’s you know what I mean you know
what if I could be honest with you I
kind of don’t in a in an interesting way
because I look at it first I look at it
for this for this perspective
I don’t really trust someone to work the
way I’m gonna work and it’s just never
gonna be the same ever and that’s that’s
where it’s like I don’t know I think I
spent nine years at phenomenal’s
Barbershop nine years yeah and in that
nine years I watched how much [ __ ]
rondelle had to go through yeah just to
make his bread and I remember one day he
told me he was like man Hollywood let me
tell you something if I could I probably
would have just cut hair yeah like the
money you can make from cutting hair
like the money you can make from cutting
hair if you just apply yourself you know
you could do very well but it kind of
from where I’m like where I’m at my
career kind of talks about where you
were at it’s like you just let it get to
a point where you burn yourself to the
bone no and it’s kind of like okay how
much can we put in a pocket before we
can’t like
can’t do this no more it’s like okay
this just don’t even make sense right
for us right [ __ ] the money the money
doesn’t even make sense you have to make
enough of it but it’s it’s it was it was
more just way of life like yeah when
you’re in that when you had none I I
well like when you’re but like when
you’re in that business and you’re in
that you’re in that same category
cutting hair I mean it’s a service
business so like when you’re in that
that business like that business comes
with going out
that business comes with you’re done
work late so you’re just Lee go in the
bar afterwards like it’s just it comes
with it comes with a lot of different
[ __ ] that people don’t really like
realize about it because you’re stressed
out all day you want to get off
especially when you’re younger you know
what I mean like my road was weird
because one being a white Barber I guess
that’s more acceptable now but yeah I
don’t know 15 years ago it’s like the
white dude is going to give me a fade I
don’t know about that right and going
through those progressions to where it’s
like I remember when it was exciting
when the business started making like
that first little bit it’s like oh [ __ ]
we’re doing something right all right
then it’s like a year and you’re like oh
[ __ ] this is consistent okay now the
excitement is kind of like tapering and
then it’s like
oh [ __ ] we’re doing good but I have no
time to think I have no time to take a
[ __ ] I gotta ask somebody else if I can
do something because it’s going to
impune what I’m doing over here which
affects these people who get paid off of
what I do and and that’s and that’s
where it went wrong for me like I just
if they’re a while of just the same
[ __ ] and like a lot of problems kind
of like did they kind of like compile
well yeah dude it’s like you would be
you would be
like on a certain day like the truck
would wouldn’t show up the you know your
truck wouldn’t show up or like at 12
o’clock the dude that’s supposed to come
in at one o’clock so you can go get XYZ
done calls I I ain’t gonna get there
until four you know don’t even show up
man that’s the thing dude it was just it
was just like every day there was just
something else and and I needed to get
more time for myself I mean that was
really what it was like I wanted to be
with my wife she was pregnant like I I
wanna I just it was just so much that it
was just like I’m done with this like I
got a question for you
I asked this to a lot of my friends and
people that have had their own business
was it worth what you were making to
understand you know what you needed
because you know in the beginning
business is for the money like that you
literally don’t go into business unless
you plan on making more money than
someone else is going to pay right you
know but at the end of the day I do have
drawbacks where it’s like hold on
sometimes this isn’t worth it you know
like you find that balance is like it’s
very difficult when the when you
accomplish one thing and it’s like okay
well what’s the next well the next
requires more effort and it’s like
all right I just did five years here
crack my ass it’s like oh well you gotta
crack your ass for five more right to
get here and say well where do you stop
you know it’s like it’s almost like the
entrepreneurial like hamster Wheeling
when do you actually get off the wheel
right to enjoy the exercise
you know what I’m saying I completely
get it and that’s why and that’s like
you know
that’s why you go into these modes like
where like all right I got money I only
have this much time I’m gonna blow it

yeah we were just talking about that on
the one episode it’s like yeah that’s
and it and it’s it’s because you’re
because you’re working so much and you
have so little time
do you have some time back now yeah
how’s it feel it’s great yeah it’s great
I mean it’s been actually like you feel
like you’ve slowed it not slowed it down
because you know always still sharp on
the feet but has your
speed internally kind of calmed down or
100 I I can tell I can tell you I mean
it’s it’s it’s different because you
know in that time that after I left the
restaurant like you know I had a me and
my wife we had a beautiful baby Sean
awesome but like my wife was still
so I stayed home I stayed home primarily
with him uh
for a while
like during the daytime because my wife
would get home like pretty early yeah so
like we both were there but he primarily
like in the morning like I would get him
and doing all that bro that [ __ ] changes
you like I’m not there man of all the
it’s great
do it once
listen I I think it’s more of like a
personal choice I think it’s it’s
whoever you know you’re gonna have five
kids I have five kids like I don’t care
but at the same time like for my life
for the way that I think the world is
turning like me I just feel like I want
to protect him and
you know if that changes it changes but
for now definitely just just one just
the one I you know what I have the
thought of one
because of how I look at time now yeah
and it’s like it I guess like sometimes
like the idea of certain things I’ve
wanted in the past has changed right you
know like in kids is definitely a thing
I always said like yeah maybe like
two three kids you know get this place
and you start doing the math it’s like
yeah you bringing in a quarter million
it’s like nah you don’t need a quarter
million it’s like no no that’s that’s
what it’s gonna cost to do it correctly
to be in the right environments to be
able to be
in almost a position to do better with
your tier and I hate to say it like that
but you know spending almost nine years
in a barber shop dude I watched all
these different groups come into the
shop and literally it just broke down to
all the struggles came from like some
type of an economical structure yeah
like struggling like it had nothing to
it had nothing really to do with like
the person because when they sit in the
they’re just the people but like you you
see them go home and it’s like okay well
this guy lives in Mount Laurel and this
dude lives in Camden and it’s like well
look what they’re teaching in this
environment look what money they put
into it you know what I mean right so it
it sucks that it kind of rolls that way
but I’m gonna take this to where when we
were in high school
because I kind of think
at least where we’re at in the South
Jersey area like there was a massive
a massive uh pandemic if you want to
call it not coveted
remember back in what
07 when Percocets came on the scene no
one really knew what it was they just
knew you could [ __ ] like a [ __ ] Champ
for hours you feel nothing everything
like about life is great
but then the next day you’re almost
scratching yourself and go I need to get
back to that like no one knew like how
dangerous these were like like today
like it wasn’t yeah it wasn’t like I
mean it was like there but it wasn’t
like a thing no it was fun like it
wasn’t a thing I I and it’s and it’s I
mean the crazy part about it is like
I feel like the accessibility on them
became just like
tenfold and that’s what like really kind
of changed everything and then and then
again and then it went into the music
yeah I mean that’s that’s what drives
that’s what drove that [ __ ] I think more
than anything and still drives it yeah I
mean well
Little Wayne I guess was probably one of
my bigger musical listeners back in the
day and dude I remember I found out what
Xanax was through Lil Wayne remember uh
I feel like dying when that song came on
I felt like everything in my life was
good but I gave myself depression
listening to them it’s like I feel like
I need to connect to this for some
reason because it was sucks yo stop
listen I remember the first time I heard
that song I was like what the [ __ ] is
this [ __ ]
now that we’re older and we see I guess
just from a different like thought
perspective right I remember when I was
a kid listening to that like oh my God
said next bro that’s because anybody
taking Xanax can we try this yeah that’s
cool let’s do that yeah you’re wrong but
yo you’re you’re right with the music
but that’s what drove it I mean that’s
what drove it and I think it still
drives it today like I mean I don’t
listen to the new I have all old school
[ __ ] yeah I don’t listen to the new
stuff I don’t really I don’t really
listen to anything that’s fairly new I
mean I hear it yeah it’s it’s easy to be
heard it’s everywhere it’s Instagram
social media reviews I hear it but like
it’s still talking about that same [ __ ]
yeah which is crazy because like the
kids today I feel are a lot more
isolated than we were
like we were [ __ ] out there like
everybody was out like everybody was out
of the house in the mix I feel like
today a lot of the kids are more like
[ __ ] in the house like
chilling in the house dolo yeah like
talking to people over whatever I mean
look I mean we can go right to to covert
with that that pretty much just launched
this whole new way of doing [ __ ] you got
me there yeah I mean that was bro that
was crazy that whole thing was crazy I
was open though I stayed open me too
like I was up I was open the entire time
yeah I was just doing like I think door
Dash and GrubHub at that point were you
still able to do well like during the
cover time oh yeah I was crushing it
because like there was nothing on
doordash really like that so if
everybody was in the house remember
nobody was even leaving the crib yeah
and you know what I do think a lot of my
clients now still kind of have that way
of living not they’re not talking about
coven anymore but they’re you know that
whole 21 days to create a habit like

this this they’re not even like you said
they’re not even out anymore interacting
with people that’s what I’m saying you
got to be like around people I think
some of them like I I think for me for
me I just feel I would feel too isolated
if if all I was doing was just like
sitting there like not talking to
anybody like even when I’m home like
my wife and I we got great neighbors
yeah like all our neighbors around the
house are great so like even then walk
out the house and you’re like talking to
somebody so you that that’s cool but you
like your neighbors love them dude I got
I mean [ __ ] my next door neighbor he’s a
[ __ ] jerk off really yeah you know he
likes to to do this thing where he takes
cones like traffic yo check this

one day one of my boys was sitting was
parked in a spot right his spot now mind
you it’s a public [ __ ] Street it
ain’t his spot but he claims that it’s
terrible that is territory it’s in front
of his crib that’s his he he like loves
that all right well one of my clients
was just in his spot one day right and
he was helping me with some stuff in the
house after he was done so his car was
out there for like I don’t know maybe
like two hours right so he just Parks
you know on the other side
next thing I know this guy makes a big
[ __ ] stink about this I almost wanted
to beat the [ __ ] out of this guy and I’m
a very very like nice Pro I want nothing
to do with [ __ ] like that
now what we’ve come to as like civil
neighbors is right he uh
he’s bitching so my mom actually was
like let’s get him cones so we got him
cones right put the cones in front of
that you know his thing right
for the spot yeah so your dude didn’t
say thank you he wasn’t appreciative he
just he’s still walking around salty and
I’m like bro like this [ __ ] man she but
this is I’m gonna go back to the
isolation thing this guy is so isolated
that he doesn’t even realize like we got
him cones and actually dumbed ourselves
down to not have a [ __ ] conversation
because he can’t [ __ ] handle it and
I’m like bro we we gave you cones he’s
like I didn’t [ __ ] people and they’re
[ __ ] pieces and I’m like I’m like
dude I I don’t get it man like we gave
you your spot like one day I took the
cones back
I would have been taking them back
bro I would have been taking him back
not cause I don’t want a problem
I don’t want a problem with this guy I
don’t want to [ __ ] talk to him but
it’s like if I see him I really want to
interact with people like that it’s like
all right bro yeah but that joke kind of
like got a lot of people like that I and
I said it before I was like a lot of
people lost like some type of edge you
know they lost the ability to kind of go
back out there no I agree you know I
agree like you see you still see it you
still see it like even when you’re out
like I’ll be at the grocery store and
and like there’s still people walking
around with me a song
and I fully I fully believe that there
will be people that will never go out in
public again without a mask there’s
definitely a yeah there’s probably a
decent amount of those people check I
got something though I hated the whole
[ __ ] thing but I got one thing
the one thing I think masks did do well
during covid was that if you actually
were sick wear one right it actually is
a signification that hey I’m sick I’m
wearing a mask as opposed to hey look
I’m completely healthy that would yeah
you know it would make way too much
sense well hold on we can’t start to
make sense here well like we don’t do
that around here I mean listen it is
what it is but I mean I just feel bad I
feel bad for
the certain amount of people that like
are you know they’re mostly probably
older people
I do see some that are like some Young
Ones Still Just Deadly afraid oh yeah
you’re gonna have young ones too but
that are like deathly afraid though man
I feel bad for those people man because
what are they gonna do now you gotta do
it and they’re like scared to do it
every time go out of the house
I mean that’s that shit’s crazy man that
shit’s crazy it
I do but I do believe like the isolated
thing definitely came from covet though
that’s that whole [ __ ] was crazy like
dude it’s gonna say that we live through
that like I mean right now it’s too
fresh but like you think so 10 years 10
years down the line
you’re like yeah dude for like two years
everybody we’re [ __ ] paper towels of
your [ __ ] face
like I don’t know man I just it it it’ll

be something it’ll be something 10 years
from now that they’ll be documentaries
on on what
took place yeah absolutely if it’s not
already being made right now if it’s
yeah it’s already made if if some if
something’s already made now
it’s it’s not all the information
that’s a good yeah that’s a good point
it’s not all the information so they’re
making that [ __ ] now it’s not all their
families there’s gonna be [ __ ] that’s
going to come out about that [ __ ]
yeah I got a lot of people in the
medical industry that come and get their
hair cut in shape yeah
like I got points all over the board
from like where that [ __ ] went but
I kind of want to go back to the
isolation thing because it’s going to
bring up a really weird like Point here
when myself or basically my sister got
me tickets to this show with her to go
see this uh DJ jaws and I was like you
know what he had a good set and I was
like yeah it sounds like sounds like a
good time I’ll go so we go to the Ave in
Philly you ever been there yeah the old
sound garden
so first my sister [ __ ] she’s like
because what was it long ago yes this is
my first time really there I never
really partied there but ready my
sister’s like yo the show starts at 9 30
and first thing I’m saying is
9 30 the show starts at 9 30. I’m like
yo that’s pretty cool great I’m like
this guy’s gonna go on maybe at 10
o’clock and I’d be out the [ __ ] door
12. right you know what I mean get home
get some sleepy right well you know if
we pull into the parking lot and I I
brought home some Molly from Amsterdam
right you know what I mean so I ate a
little cap right so we start walking up
to the joint and I’m like where’s the
[ __ ] people at I’ll speed this up we
were [ __ ] there the doors open at 9
30. she was [ __ ] stoned when she
looked at the ticket and I’m like yeah
we’re just gonna be sitting around here
you know what I mean he’ll come on to a
one yeah but so we get in there we set
at the bar in the back in a 21 and older
section I’m like hold up I’m in a spot
where there’s 18 year olds potentially
here I’m like oh [ __ ] I’m like okay
so I’m like hopefully this hopefully
this music’s good
half an hour goes in I actually got a
beer I was like all right I don’t even
want anything but like I’m just waiting
for this [ __ ] Molly to kick in right
well I ate right before the Philly Diner
you know I had to get something good so
it’s sitting at me I started
I started feeling pretty good dude and I
don’t know if it was the Molly or if it
was just today’s society and culture so
people start coming in I’m like oh [ __ ]
here we go like this is starting to like
pile up and I’m just sitting in the back
on the couch chilling
and I’m seeing the craziest [ __ ] man
everybody’s openly doing drugs like I’m
like is this what like is happening with
this like day and age dude they’re like
blowing lies eating this sniffing that
drinking this and I’m like
you know you used to kind of like go
into a bathroom like be a little
discreet have some type of respect for
yourself yeah they’re all half [ __ ]
naked like this one chick was wearing a
Superwoman costume with all these lights
and [ __ ] and I’m like and she’s on a
dance floor just
all this [ __ ] crazy [ __ ] dude and I’m
like no I knew when I went out like I
didn’t do that nah you know what I’m
saying yeah but these are these isolated
people and like they’re just they’re
taking drugs
are lies dude it’s [ __ ] crazy there
was at least a couple I don’t know how
big the Soundgarden is or what it holds
the whole place was packed and I was
oh my God I gotta get the [ __ ] out of
here right and Molly is supposed to make
you feel good nah this I was like yo we
gotta leave and like they’re all looking
at me like are you bugging I’m like a
little bit
I’m like there’s a dude in a squirrel
costume like walking across the dance
floor like costume that’s what I’m
saying this is like a thing they dress
up like like I know people voters so so
far there’s Wonder Woman and a squirrel
that’s a start there was a penguin
penguin yeah
full-blown penguin top to bottom like
zip up yeah in a hot ass Club wow and it
had the [ __ ] highlighted like neon
eyes and [ __ ] like you knew these people
were tripping [ __ ] ball yo what I
kind of wanted to be on that level but I
was good for them but yeah I kind of
felt like I should have been on that
level to be able to be there but
I don’t know man without the Squirrel
costume with the light up eyes
yeah penguins it made me feel some type
of way bro
that’s a that’s a that’s an
unforgettable time though
I you will not you’ll never forget that
man and I really look at it because it’s
I guess maybe the Molly hit me a certain
type of way you know when you get like
into the feelings part of the Molly and
I was just sitting there thinking to
myself I’m like oh my God this person’s
future just looks horrible to me

I’m like they can’t keep doing this like
this is bad like but this is what this
massive group of people
look at her looking for people to pray
dude I was in my feelings so hard I was
like oh my God I can get the [ __ ] out of
here dude bro it was bugging me bad but
it reminded me of when we were younger
and that perk thing I said we were just
circled all the way around this one it
just reminded me of a perk thing where
it was like
I saw some people that just that error
just chewed a lot of people up wasn’t
even just the perks it was just like
that scene where rap music was starting
to really take over listen the drowning
you know that scene was
scene was crazy I mean that’ll it’ll
never be like that again
but like the collapse when the clubs
used to be like
actually popping yeah when was the last
time you had a club
last time I’ve been to a club yeah cheap
oh dude I’ll be honest I
can’t even remember
it’s been a couple years
right a couple it’s been a couple years
I know it’s gonna sound crazy but like I
drank for like 10 straight years and
partied all over like when kovid kind of
hit dude I remember the first seven days
you know that [ __ ] liquor screwball
oh my God yeah dude for the first seven
days of covert I remember I was like yo
I’m not gonna cut for seven days I’m
getting [ __ ] mangled
on the Screwballs I loved a dude oh my
god dude that [ __ ] was so good it was so
bad for you like in the morning but it
was so good
I used to have them like at work we
grabbed like a couple of them with the
little one yeah just a little piece yeah
but dude after seven days of drinking I
do it I just I stopped really drinking
couldn’t stand getting drunk couldn’t
stand like I I don’t know why maybe it
was because I literally just drank
myself to like stupidity yeah like
straight stupid well that’s I mean
that’s why I stopped drinking because it
was just
like us you know I’ll still have a drink
here and there but yeah I don’t drink at
all to get drunk I can’t I can’t even
imagine getting drunk no more nah nah
I’m a smoker bro I can’t
the person that I am when I’m drinking
is not a person that I want to be
honestly yeah it happens to you when you
get older when you’re younger you know
having fun and [ __ ] but
I think it’s a it you kind of look at it
like the stuff you did when you were
drunk so I was like hold on there there
was two people there last night one of
them switched around like 11. and after
11 I was a completely different person
yeah dude like nah man and you know
drinking honey and [ __ ] oh hold up hold
up hold up
you know where I’m going with this
aren’t you unfortunate
Chase gentlemen I want to explain
something to you guys I was at Lumpy’s a
couple years ago when he was doing his
thing and I’m eating and he’s he’s about
to get off on his shift right and I’m
like what you got in your cup he’s like
yo come try this so took a sip of this
Henny and Red Bull
Annie and Red Bull
this is all I’m gonna say I took the
first Sip and realized I’m gonna ruin my
life tonight
yo it’s so [ __ ] good too good I want
to thank you and hate you at the same
time yeah dude that that [ __ ] is some
straight gasoline I had a stent for a
good month of that’s all I drank till my
heart was beaten out of my chest bro and
that’s and that would be the problem man
I don’t even know that’s what I’m saying
like I could never wake up like that now
ever like I would wake up and be looking
in the mirror and my [ __ ] would be like
don’t I’ll just be like yo what the [ __ ]
like am I still drunk like am I [ __ ]
like what what is happening dude it was
it was brutal do you ever I don’t even
know like for what
that’s kind of what I was gonna ask you
like some of the times I got drunk I
always always say like there’s never a
lack of fun the problem for me was like
the lack of remembering I feel like
that’s where like drinking became
extremely inefficient you know what I’m
saying like the nights you knew were fun
you know if nothing dumb [ __ ] happened
but it’s like you wake up in the morning
like [ __ ] what did happen you almost
like it’s like you did all that and just
don’t remember a [ __ ] thing bro I I
remember thinking I was like I was so I
was so hammered I was trying to get my
and I couldn’t get in and I couldn’t get
in the house I don’t know what the hell
happened finally we got in the house I
don’t know how we got in the house
the next morning I go downstairs I look
out the back window
my shoes my watch my bracelet like my
hat or like chilling there
so like like I just took all half of my
[ __ ] off and then I finally got entered
the house and I was just like
[ __ ] it [ __ ] it
I I just can’t live like that
no more I I was I was done dude like I I
had this really terrible time I was at a
friend’s wedding
I was on a wedding day I was at my
friend listen this isn’t like this is
the night that I quit literally quit and
I didn’t drink at all for a year and
then I just never could drink again
after that like I was just kind of like
well I want to hear about it well I was
at a friend’s wedding
it was cool I mean it was a good time I
drank I was drinking wine though and I
was just like hammer and wine do you
drink wine like that not really dude if
I drink one like dude two three sips of
wine and I’m just
dude I was I was like I was drinking
wine beer shots dude I was all in the
mix cooked
and when I was leaving these two uh
these two women were smoking cigarettes
like right near me and I was like I was
in that Prime like I was I’m in animal
mood yeah and I’m like [ __ ] bitching
about the Uber and my to my wife I’m
bitching about the Uber I’m bitching
about these two chicks smoking
cigarettes like a [ __ ] cigarette
smoke all my [ __ ] face my wife’s like
what the [ __ ] is without you we’re
getting the Uber and I’m like bitching
in the Uber the whole way home dude I
get home
she just I was like still [ __ ]
bitching doing whatever just being drunk
a [ __ ] idiot yo turn around
bang slap the [ __ ] out of me right damn
best thing that could ever happen I was
like yo how did we get here
literally yeah what what the [ __ ] just
happened blah blah
next morning she was like yo you’re dumb
yeah you’re done
and that’s why I have a good wife and
she’s like yo you’re done you can’t do
this [ __ ] no more like you’re dumb so
that’s cool I don’t know your wife but
that’s pretty cool it’s a good chick
it’s it was dude you need that you need
somebody to check you
yeah the end of the day can I ask you
some of my life like up until this this
time period now has been like
I haven’t been checked
you know I also don’t put like too much
on my back to where it’s like
there’s like a lot of checkable right
things well right because you grew out
of that lifestyle you granted that
lifestyle years ago
yeah just the so it’s just like you’re
focused on what you want in life it took
me a while to find it yeah I think you
know you’re talking about like the the
party phase I kind of went to like what
28. I think I hit that 30 marker and I
was like
okay what else can I do like I I used to
break it down on my one boy I had one
one night I know every guy’s got this
one [ __ ] night and I remember it was
just one time years ago I had like
broken up with my ex I was single for a
little bit I was 21 I went to the casino
with my boys we got a table [ __ ] was
popping I met this chick we kicked it
all night we go to the tables I make a
couple grand and I’m like yeah
why you know what I mean end up hooking
up with the chick we kind of just passed
ways and actually I’m with my other
buddies and it’s like four o’clock in
the morning five o’clock Club’s close
and it’s like yo
smoke a blunt on a roof right and it’s
like back then Caesars didn’t lock the
[ __ ] roof nah dude we just put the
little brick in there dude and at that
moment I was like like now that I
partied Way Beyond that I was like
nothing ever topped that night yeah like
if I actually stopped partying it that
night right oh my God I’m out on top oh
my God bro like that like it was like
the trifecta you got the girl you made
some money yeah you just kind of
coasting and I’m just like
I’m not even in positions like I might
put myself in position to beat her
anymore I’m like I actually want to top
that it would probably take something
real Reckless like at this stage again
yeah and not for nothing like it’s just
just not just don’t want those things no
more yeah I mean it’s like right now
like it’s about
you know I’m trying to grow this
so uh
you know we’re looking around trying to
open dispensaries
different counties so we got a couple
um hold on hold on hold on
she didn’t tell me this like is um is
this new yes yeah yeah
so uh my wife and I we’re uh applying
for class five uh dispensary license in
the state
uh right now we have an opportunity to
uh grow our delivery service under a
class 5 license uh a conditional license
right now congrats um it’s great dude
that’s big it’s great what’s it called
right right now we’re going with uh
Canada plus Canada plus
it’s nice it’s nice I’m uh I’m really
excited about it I I’m excited to to do
this work and you know I really believe
in cannabis I mean I I feel like going
back to what you said about you know the
Percocet era
um I feel like a lot of people that were
caught up in that life could really
benefit from Cannabis
um well it’s starting to become legal
now it literally is becoming wreck right
so at this stage in a game
I know so many people that just didn’t
smoke because they’re like oh no no no
no no no I’m I think they can’t think to
even break the law and it’s kind of like
huh uh well I guess when I was a kid
smoking weed I wasn’t thinking about it
from like that type of perspective like
I know people that follow they literally
follow every rule in the book grant them
too you know that’s that’s how they live
in a few yeah you know right right I
mean you know I’ve myself I mean I’ve
smoked since I was 15 consistently you
started at 15. 15. okay see I was a
sophomore in high school so six 16
seconds bro I mean like that was when
it was just you were consistently
getting bored and everybody knew
somebody that was getting Bud and
you know I mean that was what your day
you know what I mean like it was it was
an activity yeah that’s what it was like
yeah you know what I mean back in the
day it was like your whole day was like
yo all right we gotta get up we gotta
pick everybody up we gotta roll over to
the spot we gotta get the bud we gotta
go to the [ __ ] store gotta get the
barn go find somewhere to roll up roll
up walk out smoke blow a lot and it’s
like all right we hungry so we gotta eat
like [ __ ] five hours Pace you’re like
yo we ain’t done [ __ ] all day
you know what if I could keep it 100
well you know I missed that error like I
don’t think I’ve actually done that in
so long where it’s just me and the boys
got together and that’s how we just did
it it’s you know I guess it’s such a
different place it’s hard to do that
[ __ ] now yeah plus the weed’s different
man like I got smoke I get stimulated
now like back then remember to [ __ ]
it was just like right back like a
couple seeds coming back
now kind bud that was that was the it’s
not the kind bud era yeah I thought you
were classy back then if you could smoke
kind bug because everybody was trying to
get those 80 ounces yeah like I remember
those to the tea man like just sitting
there going down going down a place you
shouldn’t be down and it’s kind of like
yo just busting the move it’s like let
me get that uh dude it’s funny like even
the culture that some people got into
they weren’t even supposed to beat it I
wasn’t supposed to be there you know
what I mean I just it was just so
different dude but it’s it’s it’s better
yeah I mean to me it’s bad to me it’s
better this way I mean
I agree I feel like it needs to be more
accepted if me I mean at this stage of
what’s going on and all the benefits
that cannabis delivers to you I mean
would you rather would you rather
everybody went home and drank a bottle
of wine or went home and smoked a joint
I mean you and you know where I’m gonna
lie with that absolutely let’s smoke a
joint I mean I’m not knocking I’m not
knocking the the bottle of wine do your
thing but I have a theory about it
though and
maybe fill me on this maybe not
a lot of people I know that smoke weed
that they’re like yo I don’t like the
feeling and I’m like
I get that I remember when like
sometimes I get anxious smoking weed and
it’s kind of like well hold on there’s
probably a lot of things backed up in my
head right you know and I know a lot of
people that when they’re drinking
they’re drinking to numb their thoughts
right with weed it’s kind of like okay
you’re now kind of accelerating on them
so it’s like it kind of puts you in an
inner self to be like yo you could be
doing better like I realized the day I
smoked weed and actually was calm I was
I’m where I’m supposed to be now because
that that anxiety sometimes that would
actually keep me driving right anxiety
it’s like wait a minute that’s right I
need to get this done like I need to get
this handled like sometimes when I
wasn’t smoking it was kind of just like
what’s like in the clouds but like I
didn’t have like a vision created like
right whatever we did for my mindset
when the good weed started coming out
right like that was actually a
transformation because
I used to smoke from my back and
I kind of had a point where like I
wasn’t going nowhere smoking weed
because all I was smoking was the dirt
right you know you maybe get a headache
you’re like you’re just like kind of
like that’s it dude you’re like body
messed up crap that was the problem I
mean you know and now and now like
the the the level just the even the lows
now are bad are 10 times better than
what was out there back then yeah I mean
it’s uh it’s just it’s a it’s a culture
change that I think needs to really take
place because
um it’s still you know even though it’s
wreck you know you still have the you
there’s still some some Ally or
something but I will say to your point
though there is a lot of people that
before would never that now are like
well what what are Edibles like yeah you
know like will that can I can I come
home from work and take two Edibles and
I and I just relax my body instead of
you know having five beers yeah you know
what I mean because if they’re if
they’re time I mean those those gummies
ain’t gonna [ __ ] take your toll on
you no that ain’t gonna take a toll on
you like five beers a day will
yeah I mean a lot of close people in my
I guess you say they medicate in their
life with drinking right
it doesn’t bother me no that you know
what what gets people to where they want
to be yeah that’s where they need to be
just where they want to be at that
moment like from a monetary standpoint I
never really have a problem with that
yeah do your thing
but I’ve watched I’m I mean I’m only 33.
for the last 16 years I’ve watched many
close people use alcohol as their as
their tool they’re more sluggish they’re
not thinking their thoughts are very
simple and it’s like a lot of them have
a lot of complaints about their life
yeah and
I don’t want to sit there and like give
them a [ __ ] pep talk every day but
I’m like yo just try to just not drink
right that’s it just just see what it’s
like to not have alcohol in your system
because dude when people tell me all
right well you know don’t smoke for a
month and I’m like
aside from the fact that I have massive
back pain I will give it a shot for
seven days I was miserable but I wasn’t
fiending for weed my back didn’t hurt
yeah I never scratched I never thought I
would have to steal to smoke a joint
like yeah
you know what I’m saying and I’m not and
I’m not like a not like a guy that’s
like yo you should [ __ ] smoke all day
long like you know what I mean like I
don’t do that
I mean like I would but I don’t at the
current moment but like I mean like I I
most of the time all day I I do my thing
whatever it is my son goes to bed my
wife and I we just relax we’ll hit the
pen a little bit sometimes we’ll roll up
sometimes we don’t you know it’s not
like a it’s not like a thing that I’m
like I need but at the end of the day
it’s nice to whine that’s how you wind
down I mean you know
there ain’t nothing better than sitting
there and you’re watching your favorite
show you know what I mean if you get
done smoking and you’re just chilling yo
I found relaxing I found it helps like
mellow you ever think it helps find a
little bit of intimacy too with your
partner always you know because to some
degree I used to I used to hate you know
that alcohol would numb the thought
right and kind of just like if you
handle it that way fine yeah you know it
is what it is but it’s like
the intimacy that you get with weed yeah
almost can help break a lot of barriers
that like the alcohol will just kind of
like just surpass for the day again like
you’re just like you really just pass
your thoughts in my mind when you’re
drinking yeah like the weed it’s like
you’re really diving in like I’ve had
some very very
groundbreaking conversations with my
fiance while we were stoned right and
she’s not really a smoker right so
she’ll hit it like once or twice but
like when we get to share that it’s like
she sees the value in it yeah you know
yeah I mean it definitely was put here
for a reason I mean yeah it’s it’s it’s
it’s it’s honestly
it’s something that really does bring
people together at the end of the day
um I think that there’s so many
different people that you know use
cannabis on a daily basis I mean so many
groups of different people
and uh I just think it brings those
people to a common cause
um especially you know now it’s
recreational I mean I think you have to
try it yeah I mean if you haven’t you
have to at least try it you know and and
you know make sure you’re doing the
right thing it’s the thing that’s you
know right for you you know there’s some
people shouldn’t sit there and smoke a
joint you know I mean some people should
just take it edible and just relax some
people you know tincture you know I
never did the tincture you didn’t wear
those yeah all right all right what kind
of what does it do for you
I mean or this is like is it an edible
high body high it’s more of like I mean
there’s they’ll give you a different
they’ll give you different feelings I
like ones that I’ve tried mostly body
highs I mean just kind of
mellow out chill out but then like they
got the CBD drops I mean I know a lot of
people are in the CBD but
just make sure you’re not buying that
gas station CBD that ain’t gonna do
nothing for you my body opened a CBD
company he’s not doing it anymore but he
opened one up and he actually gave me
like real lab great DVD
there’s no there’s nothing like
psychoactive about it no but I could
tell you like with my arthritis yeah
dude it kind of took away a lot of my
swelling like it took my blood pressure
down a little bit and I’m like let me
see if this is like Placebo or or
actually like doing something for me
right and then it was kind of like one
of those things where I kind of had a
thing where you could buy as much CBD as
you want right so what I used to do is
start [ __ ] chopping up my CBD and my
weed because I actually enjoyed the
effects of the CBD for my body
you know it did actually calmed me down
sometimes when like weed was too much
right because you know when you’re
looking for a certain high and it’s like
I’m gonna keep smoking until I get there
but then it’s like oh [ __ ] you smoke a
little too strong of budget like [ __ ]
dude I’m planted like I’m like I’m
whacked right now not even trying dude I
haven’t been the other night
my wife was cracking on me because I was
just so I was just so cooked when I
walked in she was like were you like
really Stone the other night she was
talking and you weren’t making any sense
I was like yeah do you get deep in your
thoughts when you’re stoned yeah dude
that’s that’s my I think that’s my
biggest issue is is like sometimes like
I’ll smoke and then I’ll just be like
looking the [ __ ] around like and she’s
like what do you what the [ __ ] you
thinking about
and I’m like ah I don’t even know like
anything anything in the world staring
at the wall
I don’t know
do you oh
I mean dude it’s tough dude you’re like
you’re in like space dude I’m just in
space right now I’ve been thinking about
I’ll be thinking about like the dumbest
[ __ ] like a like nothing and then I then
you gotta explain nothing like you were
so deep in thought and I’m like yeah I
was thinking about like
how fast that train that I saw the other
day it was good wait wait yo that
actually hold on you just you just
sparked like a huge like question I want
to ask it dude
you see how it can like kind of spark
off something but like kind of give you
like a nothing frame of mind sometimes
yeah we’ve talked a lot of times your
brain’s always moving yeah like you wake
up you’re moving like I’ve gotten to
points where I have to explain to my
fiance sometimes where I’m like yo when
I actually have nothing
going on in my head for that yeah what
second I’m like I genuinely want to
continue to think about nothing yeah
like I don’t think there’s anything
wrong when you’re not thinking about
anything sometimes sometimes it’s it’s
just necessary bro yeah like you know
just to sit there and you’re just like
all right let me digress from everything
I’m just like
reset button all right all right all
right now feed me the problems what’s
happening yeah what are we gonna do all
right what are we gonna do it not dude
the digestion like the mental digestion
[ __ ] helps dude yeah it kind of looks
like you’re like spaced out but it’s
like leave me in space for just like
yeah five ten more minutes it can’t be
that bad like what do you want yeah it’s
not it’s it’s more like it’s more like
I’m just like
I’m so touched out and like tired with
the toddler so I at the end of the day
both of us are like
yeah you don’t want to think about it
you don’t want to think about [ __ ] like
you just want to sit there and watch
something and just be like Ugh all right
next day we’ll figure out [ __ ] the next
day it gets like that can I ask you
something too A buddy of my mic was on
the show a couple episodes ago and he
was talking about when he’s stoned he
actually like sees a massive
gratification for like his own
fatherhood you know like I’ve watched it
for years dude with business and
everything you’ve been doing you’re
always [ __ ] you’re always moving you
know it’s like let me down
but I love it dude yeah love it I mean
it slowed me down it’s I don’t want to
say it slowed me down I shouldn’t
shouldn’t put it like that but it slowed
my mind down
from being like
all right I gotta get this I gotta get
that I gotta get this I gotta get that
for me when I first became a father I
was just like I was so almost in awe in
the first like four months you don’t
know you don’t know what you’re doing at
all so like I’m trying to figure that
just got done a business so I was just
trying to like be smart about the whole
thing and and it just watching him grow
just makes you so gratified dude I’m
telling you it’s crazy
so I don’t have children yet I want them
soon I’ve found already that business is
great right but
I’m not one of those people that needs
to [ __ ]
I need to make 10 million grow this do
that like yeah I got to a point in my
life where
because of Entrepreneurship like what it
gave me as like gave you the option to
like to understand time a little better
you know
I’m looking at it now as there’s no
business that I could make there’s no
activity I could do that doesn’t have
somewhat of an expiration on it yeah and
that’s what that’s what my buddy was
talking about he was like children don’t
expire like they are your project for
life and I’m like that’s like an
entrepreneur’s dream an ever going
project that can always grow with you
like that’s sick it’s insane dude it’s
insane because you’re like
your mind your mindset goes completely
off of
like all right I gotta do this I gotta
do this I gotta do this to like I gotta
do this for him I’m gonna do this for
him I gotta do this for him it just
change and it changes without you even
trying to change it just happens that
way naturally it just happens that way
you know it’s just different but like
it’s it’s definitely the best thing ever
dude I can’t lie I can’t lie no no
parent ever told me it was it was
horrible they said it was hard it’s hard
but every single one was like it’s hard
I wouldn’t take it back and I’m like
that says a lot it’s hard and and it’s
great because you know my wife puts in
the work like
she’s he’s all over her too and she and
she deals you know I I don’t know how
she deals with it sometimes but I mean
she puts in the work you know she’s
she’s an amazing mom and and
she really like you know she gave me the
best gift I could ever ask for so I’ll
always dude it sounds like she also gave
you an amazing partnership too
he has oh she changed you know like you
when you when you get into a marriage
like people
don’t think that you’re like you know
you’re not supposed to change you’re not
supposed to change you can change but
just make sure you’re still yourself but
you gotta make those changes dude if you
want to be mature man and and get to the
next level of your life you got to make
changes it’s just the way it is dude
apps are [ __ ] literally man and
dude that dude thanks for [ __ ] coming
on man I appreciate it bro I appreciate
it you’re definitely always [ __ ] you
know it’s awesome like I’m very happy
like most of the people that I’ve spoken
to about this like all the people that
I’ve picked to come on here like
specifically like
everybody was like a blessing to have
one you know you as well dude so
I appreciate it bro we’ll sign off yeah
no doubt like that [ __ ] up I think I’m
I’m dead it out
I smoked all my [ __ ] but listen I got
two more over here like I’m literally
looking at him oh you got two more here
you know what you’re going Sharon is
caring here
bang need a letter right
ladies and gentlemen
oh Jay Oliver
peace out bro