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(00:00) I’ve never publicly talked about my last name and I never publicly [Music] enjoyable but guys back to listen I’m a barber podcast and today I got them in day-to-day Chase here and he’s been a very big of course in this podcast bringing to you guys some of the most professional quality that blew my mind when I first
(00:25) saw it Chase welcome to this side of the room I know it’s weird is it these chairs are like comfy but not comfy at the same time I told you the one chord like goes up your ass it keeps people like it keeps them attentive you know what I mean just get just get like one cushion it’s like I could accommodate a cushion for the
(00:46) guest I I feel like I could do that I sure hope so you think but give me plenty of tips but I mean this one I do feel for the guest sake we we do well you you honestly you take care of them too aside from the cushion you know people leave with parting gifts they do leave yeah like straight up yeah this
(01:03) guy is one of the most attentive hosts like you just you’re like every time how many how many have we filmed so far there’s been almost 10. we feel tiny well I’ve only been a part of I think six yeah we it’s high how how many have we filmed so far we lost track I mean because some of them some of them were
(01:25) scrapped and we gotta redo them yeah I feel like it’s like been ten yeah you know what though growing like the growing process of all this it’s dude it’s insane people have no idea yeah what goes behind you’re learning you’re learning you’re learning quickly what oh yeah dude and that’s what’s been cool for me too being behind
(01:49) the scenes of this because you know I used to work in a live stream Studio I obsessed over YouTube I I literally just run numbers of things for fun yeah and figure out like how much would this cost I’m like actually now being a part of this and it’s serious I’m actually figuring out what is the cost for
(02:09) someone to run a podcast at the highest end like to the point where someone can just sit down just go go right to it yeah a lot a lot do you want another number I I’ve I figured out how much it costs for um somebody to have an editor an assistant to get the guests and make sure and then also all the equipment
(02:32) the equipment I’ve set up plenty of times I’m lucky to hit that [ __ ] bet because that first nut before we even get to your part with the editing and the assistant it’s like yo just to have the setup the place to do it the stuff in the setup I mean uh dude I made jokes like I was sitting there when I first
(02:53) started this and I was like all right uh don’t spend that much on chairs I’m not ready to spend that much on chairs and you know then a lot of people were like yo just calm down and just say like get on this and it’s like oh [ __ ] well that’s a couple Grand like to not [ __ ] around like get off the iPhones and
(03:10) actually really get the cameras going the road Caster dude [ __ ] dude guess how much it costs after everything is said and done like I said having basically two employees like an assistant and an editor are we going like per episode yearly yearly what it would cost [ __ ] I know where I’m like projected at and if
(03:28) you’re saying it’s probably a little higher I’m gonna go 20 20 000 around 20 000. tackle on an extra hundred thousand to the I heard talking I’m talking dude I am talking like you so you you were doing it in your house now imagine I wasn’t in a thing now you have to rent a space most places you’re gonna end up spending
(03:48) even if you get the 500 square foot room or the 300 square foot room you’re still going to be spending at least 500 to a thousand dollars in rent absolutely oh then you got your utilities yeah dude everything and that’s what I’m saying like after gear and you’re paying employees didn’t even think of that cost dude everything
(04:06) it’s I I haven’t figured out the exact but I know it’s at least a hundred and twenty thousand dollars to have the highest quality possible off the gate and for people to go this is like professional like yeah dude it’s crazy so it’s been really really cool being on the other side of this because I’m figuring out because now I
(04:31) mean I’ve talked to you I’ve thought of new businesses strategies with this and I’m like yeah dude wait a minute hold on dude everything’s everything’s starting dude that hamster wheel starts because I’m like hold up hold up and because this this is the future man like we can do that it’s like can we yeah we could
(04:49) wait we could try nah [ __ ] trying let’s do it that this is the future and and that’s why I’m I’m so stoked to be a part of this because naturally you got it all you need is like me Tyler people that do this kind of stuff and that can be like all right and this is how you do it you know what I mean
(05:10) it’s it’s been really cool to say at least this process for me so far has been such a learning experience because I you know you have your business with all this and I know this is like even a new adventure as it is for me but you know I’ve gone back in previous episodes that you filmed you’ve listened
(05:29) to some of the [ __ ] and to even be in the position to be able to do this yeah you know it took me years to develop the personality that I have now that was actually able to be sustainable to maintain this part of my life you know there’s always the ego of life that takes you to egotistical places and then you have a more focused
(05:48) like aspect of like what you want for yourself it’s like holy [ __ ] this took me here like I would have never thought I’d be talking to you particularly I met you a little while ago and I was like all right cool and I got to learn so much about you about what your business is and I’m like it’s cash just like me
(06:04) entrepreneur dug it from the ground up and it’s like I don’t know dude it’s it’s tough because I’ve gone through so much of like trial and error with business that it’s like listening to you and then to create even more like options and [ __ ] is like wow like this is ever going like this is ever going in some degree
(06:25) like we don’t have like we can’t quit you know what I’m saying no it can’t quit and you told me you got kicked in a dick a bunch of times I I’ve been and the balls everything you know what my level that hasn’t been hit yet not yet not the left one it’s the worst so especially when you’re Lefty I want
(06:43) to ask you something okay I would love to shoot this back and forth with you I’ve been cutting hair I’m 33. I started cutting hair when I was 15. I’ve been cutting hair longer than I have it when you told me how long you’ve been doing this I literally connected with just the time frame not even the phrase that time
(07:01) frame what’s been the hardest thing that you’ve had to really like overcome in business because hey I love when the checks come in all right you know what I’m saying everybody’s all glorious with the money but it’s like the things that go into being able to get to that point like what was your hardest
(07:17) let me be extremely transparent for a second I am not anywhere where I want to be yet especially financially so I’m still in the The Trenches but I’m not as deep as I used to be I’m in it I’m in a hole with better shovels now yo you know I 100 I get that like they’re they’re wider you know they’re more sturdy you know what I mean I got I
(07:46) got someone else helping me shovel too like you know what I mean like I got people behind me I got things like that and I I didn’t ever have that and it’s it’s really cool it’s it’s like I’m blessed that I get to wake up and do what quote-unquote whatever I want I still am filming things that I don’t
(08:04) want to do yeah I don’t wake up that I’m like stoked for but it’s becoming fewer and farther in between those projects now so would you say that where you’re at right now and we can scratch whatever comes from it but your experience seems like there’s so much time that I and you know if you feel this way let
(08:24) me know because I feel this way I’ve put in so much time into it that even when the money wasn’t a thing or it was really the thing that I needed at the time there still was so many [ __ ] obstacles just explaining that I mean dude especially from what I do the technical side of things like I’m mind blown with the [ __ ] that I do
(08:48) dude like I’d be lost without it people that do what I do and if you’ve ever watched someone like me and they’re it’s of quality and you’re done looking at that photo or video and you go yeah that that was pretty impressive yeah it’s like a hundred times harder on the person that made that like there’s so
(09:12) much more than you even know that goes into that and because it looks so nice and clean and easy you’re just like what the basically like all the stuff I make I have made one just basically off of no sleep two in the back of a moving car moving for eight hours like I think my one of my best videos I ever made
(09:36) I literally made coming back from Ohio from a festival sitting in the back of a car with a bunch of [ __ ] around me like everyone’s stuff and only just editing like this see real quick literally look I think that’s what and and that’s I love that you just said that because I don’t think people see that no they
(09:53) don’t and that’s I just see you they see you they see what you produce they don’t see the environment you’re working in they don’t see how fast you’re moving what you have to accomplish on top of your day-to-day you know the day-to-day Chase yeah see what I’m saying I’m so happy you said that that is literally
(10:08) why I named myself well two reasons that is one reason why I named myself day-to-day Chase because it’s the day-to-day [ __ ] but also more on that when I was traveling back in 2015 I was like you know I was the reason why I left too I was just insanely low my my life my brain everything was just at its
(10:30) lowest point I was sad literally suicidal literally attempted it and thank God I had a friend that came and picked me up that day and I was like dude I gotta go oh you gotta get out of here and he’s like well what do you want to do and I was like I just want to travel it’s like I got up and traveled
(10:46) and I realized in that process you have to take things day to day not week to week not year to year day to day because you don’t even know dude we’ve all been in those situations where you’re just having a day you get that call yeah changes everything unfortunately yeah it’s a day-to-day thing you have no
(11:07) idea what’s gonna happen tomorrow and I guess now thinking about that’s that’s like a third reason why I named myself you never know what’s gonna happen honestly I mean day-to-day Chase there’s there’s so much behind that and it’s like I really like that like that was your tag because you know mine’s Jay Ali
(11:21) with the barber it’s pretty like it’s pretty there’s not like a deep a deep like double entender about it but but it’s also I I don’t like my last name either I [ __ ] hate my last name can I drop it how to drop it well it it’s chewy it’s but actually it’s not because I’m Jew and that’s why honestly
(11:46) I love how you make that joke because that’s literally my joke it’s my joke but it was it’s so cool at hearing someone I’m like yeah I’m Jewish yeah I mean oh my gosh but there’s The Hyphen in between them yes um but I don’t know should I just like publicly I finally put it on my Instagram my last night I sold I’ve had my Instagram for
(12:08) 10 years my last name has never been on did I just real quick before before you say before you say it I’m gonna say this for the 10 years you didn’t you didn’t have it posted yeah might have been the best time to have it posted because now that it’s posted it’s like holy like when you tell me your last name I was
(12:27) like what I’m like it’s like it’s so bad but it’s like not that bad it seems like but it’s so bad I don’t it’s almost like if your last name was Hitler it’s close like if I had a friend his last name was Hitler it’s like ah okay like you still don’t still follow me the funny part I hated my last name just growing up just because how it
(12:44) sounded and then there was like the jewishness to it and then it’s just then this [ __ ] I’ll be honest it is I mean look my last name is Goldberg yeah that that’s real but that’s sick because the [ __ ] coolest wrestler ever has that last name I don’t I don’t got a cool wrestle you know how many people were
(13:01) like oh my God like you know we’re going are you are you related and I’m like what yeah I’m like this is that like like a serious question I know it was fun to ask but it’s like okay now uh no he is no no connection no absolutely not yeah I say that scene all right just tell people what it is just tell people
(13:16) what it is all right my uh my last name is Epstein I have never publicly said that ever this is an exclusive [ __ ] you Jake [ __ ] you because like I said it’s it’s like damn that sucks and and it is it is bad having that last name but it’s like honestly it’s like a 50 50 thing when I when I when I have the build up to I
(13:45) don’t want to say my last name then people get it but if I just count and casually say it most of the times it goes over people’s heads so I’m just like yeah I feel like I’m too in my head about it but you know but you you want to know what’s [ __ ] weird every this isn’t sometimes every single time I go to rent a car oh
(14:03) from the professional side since this has happened since yeah Jeffrey Epstein everything about that since that happened I don’t know why it’s every time I go to rent a car you uh uh you related and I’m like so now it’s gotten the point where I I play a joke with it and I’m just like so I guess being
(14:31) I guess related to a famous wrestler that had one of the greatest streaks in wrestling history compared to one of the most sadistic Mad Men in the world I guess I guess maybe I don’t feel so bad the jokes that they threw about the Goldberg [ __ ] yeah yeah I know I’m like I do have I lose I lose sleep over
(14:49) this day yeah I have a question if you don’t mind me uh can I call your area in that chair Epstein’s Island can I can I I can’t is is that is it because of the truth I’m just saying I’m looking over there I don’t think you should no you know what I mean it’s fun I just like you know it’s one of those jokes where
(15:09) you’re just like but that’s what kind of makes it funny but you’re that one is you know what it is it’s almost like one of those too soon it’s like ah too soon bro like well I don’t think it’s just I just think it’s [ __ ] when I ever remember when Michael Jackson died like people made so many jokes it’s like yo too soon bro
(15:22) still going on it’s like you not yet bro dude that’s what it’s it but wait real quick with the those the the cars when I go to random they’re always just like are you uh you’re related no I was just like oh you probably know my uncle Steve wow the flip I wasn’t gonna pray for that I wasn’t ready for that dude
(15:48) they’re always like basically like like a dog they told their head so I gotta I want to ride taking the effort I’ve never publicly you know why why we’re not God you just I’ve straight up never publicly said that [ __ ] and then like I said it’s like dude I got the exclusive you did I got the exclusive let’s go football
(16:14) crab cakes and football yeah I choke real quick as wild as that is I do do have so much like that I truly felt like I got to share with you and now now I have the exclusive here yeah I hate you for that no but here here’s the best thing that it’s like I’m gonna say I learned from you just in these like
(16:36) weeks that you know we’ve been working together it’s like I’ve known people for a while but to see people actually in action where you actually have to deal with them and work with them it’s like it’s really a pleasure working with you because I visited them you showed me a completely different perspective I
(16:49) started this um I think as like a social experiment and then it turned into there is a way way bigger picture here yeah do people don’t you understand it well you understand the power of conversing and networking yeah that’s this on a more broader screen yeah and you know I mean and people don’t understand like one
(17:16) conversation first of all it’s been in the past that’s what radio was at first you know what I mean everything makes a circle full circle but this is not only the past it’s literally the future yeah because this is the easiest way for someone to produce content at a completely scalable level starting with basically nothing like I
(17:38) know earlier I said I took 120 000 for the highest end podcast but we’re talking the top dude you could start on um video chat like on Skype you can you can use iPhones there’s a million things you can do but a lot of people are they get caught up they want that quality uh so so they like after like the third
(17:59) episode they’re like so I really feel I’m gonna bring my Jewish side out right now and I remember when I first was like okay I was talking to Ty Ty you remember when we were just talking about like what it is like this like needed and I was like ah so what do we thinking like a couple High phones and he was like
(18:18) well you could do that or you could do this and then you showed me like the quality of the camera and I’m like oh that’s cool and then next you know you start to do the math like without the help and the resources it’s like okay that camera cost maybe four to five grand all put together you need two or
(18:34) three of those you need the MacBook that could run the programs to even run this [ __ ] and it’s like I started really looking at the whole thing and that’s why I kind of went with that like 20 grand marker of just equipment’s roughly about 20 grand at the quote-unquote highest level you get the highest uh quality microphones and then
(18:56) like maybe like a three-year-old camera which is still insanely high quality like my camera is what when are these cameras come out it’s like four or five years old these cameras essentially like you like this is the top yeah when these lights are decent they were you know 200 a piece like like this is a
(19:20) top end yeah yeah as I’m saying and it gets it it gets to even higher and this is just you’d be surprised head up yeah you talked about having uh having the the people running it having people book for you this that you know there’s two schedule time all that like yeah studio time see but that that’s where it’s like I
(19:39) always do you you’re not you’re not even thinking about the social media part the marketing oh no I mean yeah we didn’t get to that part that’s what I’m saying like you just think of it this way where anybody who’s trying to start a podcast what you are doing is you are making roughly if you make it about an hour
(19:57) which is usually standard podcast I like I like the hour it’s a good flow you’re making an hour-long commercial about you and whoever you have as a guest yeah when it’s like conversational like this not so much like um storytelling like you’re reading a book or something like that yeah um it it’s hour long like
(20:19) that’s crazy and and people usually pay me um no less than about fifteen hundred dollars for like a two minute music video This is an hour like people aren’t anything in the music video is a commercial for somebody’s music music you know what I mean so this is like that’s why I’m like this is the future
(20:38) like it’s just I think from what you explained to me about all this that we we spoke before we really started working together and I was like look I cannot cut any more people and the high I get from life is growing relationships and growing just like an overall but it you know as simple as it is a message
(21:02) like you know there is growth involved in life like you don’t need to be stay stagnant like I know a lot of people struggle with that maybe on social media they pretend like they don’t but you know they really are and like when you explained that there is a possibility for the voice to be further it’s like
(21:15) well that actually is what gets my rocks off in life if it makes me money in the shop which it does it’s like well that actually is just a means to continue to do what I love to do it’s like people if you almost look at it as like people sponsor how I choose to do [ __ ] yeah you know what I mean and at this level
(21:32) I feel like I’ve talked to everybody I can dude I’m busy from the time I start to the time I finish and right after I finish we’re down here stopping this and it’s getting this finished dude what time what time do you start today uh what’s today Wednesday yeah Wednesday Wednesday I think I started at seven
(21:47) today yeah I you just got done cutting when I walked in at 5 30. yeah and then shaped up Sal and then he said I guess yeah yeah I didn’t get a [ __ ] I know I think I think one of the episodes has to be you in my chair you’re getting shape because you know because it’s just us you know I mean we don’t have to have the whole setup you
(22:08) know what I mean I think one of them we’re gonna play with that one I don’t know yeah but I want to jump back that was that was a fun little Trail off too that was a trail off yeah so through this whole entrepreneurship Journey you mentioned something to me that you did and it sparked something for me I love
(22:26) to travel when you start speaking about your traveling and then how you had actually went on an extended period of time where almost like you weren’t doing vacation like oh I’m gonna take three days at uh Mexico or I’m gonna do a week here it’s you went on a legitimate journey I thrive one day to give myself
(22:48) enough or actually to pay myself back to take the time to take that kind of a journey was that Journey that you were talking about when you were at that low pinnacle was that your turning point for yourself yeah 100 yeah I I went for three and a half almost four months I think it was I couldn’t [ __ ] if I
(23:10) took three to four months off I’d have people [ __ ] screaming at me well I was 21. delivering pizzas on Pats patch select Bachelor yeah did they have good pizza one of them Alton does yeah let me shade up the other ones it’s like no shade but yeah this one was better but so I was gone for four months and
(23:35) total transparency I was not doing it luxuriously in the slightest I was going for four months guess how much money I spent four months you were like is one of my Jewish this is where my my [ __ ] is okay four months eat you gotta do this kind of I’m gonna I’m gonna say sick Ross seven wrong um really lower than six yeah for four
(24:16) months and you were and you were just where were you staying because that that’s anywhere anywhere I could I can see this being like really wild and being around like two thousand dollars less holy [ __ ] it’s 1500. like I can’t go anymore I spent 1300 bucks and and went to Israel that’s the Jew in you yeah I got a free
(24:44) trip out of that one if you’re Jewish we’re Jewish see that’s where I’m screwed I’m on the other side of the Jew line I didn’t get the trip no you I mean like maybe if I found this isn’t this isn’t advice but as long as you’re any form of Jewish technically Judaism uh follows the bloodline of your mother if your mother’s not Jewish you
(25:08) are technically and not Jewish therefore you’re not really supposed to go on this trip however however however if you tell them that and but you’re really want to study your ancestors and you’re thinking about like converting or whatever I love it I love this they’ll uh they’ll lay you in there because they’re just trying to get
(25:33) as many in there as many Jews to Israel and be like look how cool this place is you know I mean so you can I got some some type of a small confession I guess this is where it’s like I’m Jewish I went to Catholic school which is I guess where you say the mob Parks my mom was Catholic isn’t it a [ __ ] it’s
(25:49) crazy because it’s it’s like that’s how I am with religion for the most part everyone has in any religion a higher being yes as long as you’re not a [ __ ] [ __ ] as long as you’re not preaching down to anyone yeah it’s it’s [ __ ] great because it gives you a little sense of community and everything
(26:08) but for that for me hence why I go Jewish for me because like I just I don’t I don’t you don’t dedicate it to Jazz I dude I’ve been in more churches because of uh weddings and like things like that oh I can see that so you’re actually in yeah okay I see that so let me because here’s like the crazy part I remember do you
(26:27) know what uh you know what CCD is I’ve heard a season that’s like Sunday school right yeah so we had to do that up until we were like I forget what grade we made the confirmation and all that but you know when people I think that’s second grade somewhere like I know this I know you go up and you do the whole thing
(26:46) where you put the hand out or you could like open your mouth you could do either or now you probably want to keep your like tongue why why is your what well because the priest could go you know when he does the father but why is your tongue out because you could receive it on your tongue what’s it oh yeah with
(27:02) the wafer the body of Christ amen do they mean anything the Jesus yeah the Jesus yeah yeah so you could accept it two different ways you could either put it over you I know there’s a way you gotta hold your hands it’s like it’s like a cult thing but it’s like all right everybody walk up this way eat it this
(27:20) way oh you want your tongue out uh does it taste like anything I don’t think I’ve ever had one no I did have one they taste like nothing they totally think about that it’s almost like and this is where I think the Jews beat you know the Catholics on this one matzah tastes way better than the Jesus dude
(27:36) matz is delicious has ever the other day my mom had chocolate was a passive see that’s it it’s passed over my mom had chocolate covered matzah wow long that’s a stoner’s dream a Jewish stickers that’s one of my dreams which is probably another day honestly you’re gonna make meat that’s another exclusive view we’re probably gonna get
(28:04) what’s that the matzah the weak thing oh yeah serious thick yeah I was gonna say uh is he good yeah that’s that’s gonna keep watching towards the end you’re gonna get another exclusive oh absolutely so I love this so let’s get back to your trips because when you told me how much your life was like kind of like forming it’s like my
(28:40) life didn’t form until I was able to actually make a little bit of money I had too much of like like I guess where we have like our differences like you were way more open to taking that risk and I respect [ __ ] out of here yeah I had to get the [ __ ] out you know what I mean I’ll be honest I stayed kind of Trapped until I figured
(28:57) it out like I guess that’s where it’s like I enjoy listening to like how you tell and like what you went through because some people they’re like [ __ ] this I’m out I’m gonna go figure this out whether you figure it out in a day two days two years 20 years it doesn’t matter you know for me staying stuck in
(29:14) my environment actually kind of helped me in a way it forced me to realize that I can’t change the environment I can leave the environment but what it taught me never left do you know what I mean like it’s almost like yo if you’re in if you’re in the slums it’s like yo that’s in you it doesn’t matter if you leave
(29:32) like that’s that’s what you’re that’s what you’re gonna remember as your experience that gets you through and I remember there was times where it’s like I had hard [ __ ] that [ __ ] me up and got my life further and then this is where I want to take this because I try to go depressing on this one I remember when I had my life altering
(29:49) moments when I started taking those fun trips like the ones where you’re already jazzed up you’re like no I’m accomplished feeling good fun trips are we talking about like loose energy we’re talking about like oh like airplane both have you tripped on a trip yeah tripped on a trip every trip yeah yeah that’s that hasn’t so hasn’t
(30:12) been in every trip for me so I okay although I did first trip on that trip oh yeah just get broads the mind and this is my biggest thing like maybe not everybody’s gonna do this nor do I suggest doing this by any means but when yeah yeah it’s it’s a no no go parental advisory but every time I went on a trip I always
(30:35) had so much that I was doing in my personal life that sometimes when I would get to my trip or wherever my destination was not on that level but say I was just going to Florida and I actually know what I’ll use the Dominican Republic as as my example when I got there I ate a tablet acid about 30 to 40 minutes before the plane landed
(30:57) and I started making it a like a habit to bring it on the plane yeah oh you got it through here impressive oh dude I guess yeah yeah I guess good point oh yeah I wasn’t bombed out yeah but I like to look at it this way when I when I trip it puts me in like it puts me planted sometimes and I know you get it as an
(31:21) entrepreneur like when that nine to five job ends for certain people then their life actually picks up when they clock the time clock that doesn’t happen for us so it’s like for me to physically leave that I sometimes gotta do something to put me in wherever I’m going so you got your nine to five and then you got your five
(31:40) to nine yeah I mean but most people’s five to nine is their entertainment their reason for having the nine to five or or just the bridge between the next day well yeah I was just gonna say some people need that um decompression yeah you know what I mean and I don’t you know what I blame nobody for this but I could also say in my life
(31:59) without those trips I would have never understood the meaning of life you know breaking what you think in one way to now see it a different way because the different perspectives that I’ve seen over the years are honestly that’s what got me to such a better understanding you know you know some people are kind
(32:16) of like in their own head and they’re like oh [ __ ] this person it’s like when are you actually in your own head to diagnose your own [ __ ] I do that a lot with acid mushrooms like I take I’m gonna sound like a jerk off when I say this not like I can’t take accountability if I don’t do that but drugs like those
(32:33) they do help me see inside of myself as opposed to like an external version of what I’m expecting yeah do you know what I’m saying oh yeah you did that that day it’s like yeah but this [ __ ] guy did this think yeah but it’s the iceberg concept what sunk the Titanic was not what everybody saw it was what was underneath and worthy
(32:53) underneath we are the actions that show what the iceberg is yeah so for me it’s like those drugs do that for me just to keep it real yeah not even to say I can’t do it without it yeah but yeah it puts me in that place man I’ve learned so much through that dude I’m literally right there with you and uh it’s funny that
(33:13) you mentioned that not the all the traveling you did you know you see it from a different perspective that’s literally why I did it you know I’m most of my travels I’ve only been out of the country would two two times okay in this Frankfurt airport three times I counted as being at in Frankfurt you know what I mean
(33:33) like do do you count airports like as like nah did you leave the airport so technically uh I took a bus from one of the times I took a bus from Amsterdam to Frankfurt airport and I had to leave the bus walk on the ground to you know what I mean like the soil then came to the airport does that get out it’s got to count for
(33:56) something you know what I’m gonna count that as an experience and travel so you know what yeah I got yeah all right I’m gonna have to support that I can shock that but it um it’s a new experience exactly but so what you’re saying traveling helps you see other perspective that’s literally why I did that I was so I never went anywhere my
(34:11) entire life besides like Florida to like Disney World or like this is my grandma that was it I hate Disney by the way but continue I’m sorry for cutting you off I love Disney World Disney World sick I know I like it I just don’t feel like getting bent over backwards I mean for the prices well I always wanted to make
(34:28) a series where to see how long I can survive in Disney World free free like how long how many days can I do it I know a couple Secrets like where you get to hide in Disney World yeah there’s places you you would have to there’s campsites in Disney World people don’t know this yeah I didn’t know that
(34:48) like or free or as cheap as possible I should say fair enough I like you know you can camp at Disney World I think off season sometimes they’re literally like 10 20 years and the average person that goes to Disney World my a couple of my at least used to be dude a couple of my buddies took themselves or wife and
(35:04) they’re like I think like two kids three kids like whatever they got called and they were telling me they’re like the tickets for the adults are 400 total then you got the kids tickets then you get the fast pass to go you’re to the cop to the to the average person just walks in that [ __ ] door you’re a g
(35:19) yeah if it’s your wife and two kids God forbid they’re over the age of two and they have to pay for the ticket can’t ride any of the rides except for maybe it’s a small I did like that it was very peaceful I would definitely recommend taking your money and going somewhere else in Disney World but if you got
(35:37) [ __ ] money and you’ve already seen a bunch of [ __ ] go to Disneyland she but I like [ __ ] you gotta get drunk around the world and Epcot I did that that was the idea alphabet yeah that’s what I always want to have the uh domestic uh the not domestic what’s the opposite of domestic why am I spacing International yeah the
(35:54) international beers dude you know what got me through that an eight ball blow in Disney yeah you do it with Mickey [ __ ] do a line of Walt Disney look good yeah but you know what I feel like sometimes that’s really [ __ ] degenerate yeah you know what I mean but it’s like yeah nobody knew what I was
(36:20) doing yeah like no like my mom didn’t know my dad didn’t know nobody knew I was all gacked up walking around Epcot yeah dude Mexico they got a tequila Shadow and I gotta try it oh yeah football let’s go on soaring I don’t even know what that is but it’s a ride in Disney that’s an Epcot you like you lay flat it looks like you’re flying oh
(36:39) that’s kind of lit yeah it’s kind of one of them simulator things yeah yeah I could head roller coasters for days you put me on a similar I’m like [ __ ] puke I’ve been on a roller coaster years oh dude I love him I’m adrenaline junkie so am I fast talking can you jump out of a airplane on an acid I did I did I mean
(36:54) it’s all about that because that’s that just that alone probably triumphs any of my stories I I got some [ __ ] crazy stories that’s nuts I don’t want it to be a Triumph but I you ready for this yeah I’m gonna settle in for this one should I get comfy yeah get confident get coffee well I’m already comfying off in
(37:16) this robe that you made me wear dude it’s comfy right he forced me to wear this no I didn’t I asked this is the thing you should do you should make it not make ask politely your guess can you ever wear a robe if they ask me if they won’t close underneath that would be more wild yeah I don’t I don’t go to tattoos it’s got a
(37:36) hairy ass chest does it does yeah so here’s what goes down I had already jumped out of a plane this was the third time I had skydives at this point the first time you know I mean I smoke I should I live my day-to-day stoned so did that the second time I went by myself I was kind of like none of my friends we had the money and I was like
(38:01) I wasn’t I just I wasn’t in a giving mood to like share the experience but I’m like I want to do this and I was like you already get a [ __ ] Rush from jumping out of a plane and I was like yo I want to blow a line or like hit a bump like right before I jump out of the plane and on my second one one of the
(38:16) instructors he was this Australian dude Yo cool as [ __ ] man cool as [ __ ] and this guy’s like yo what are you doing and I’m like look I just want to do this for myself he was like nah let me get one I’m like oh [ __ ] yeah dude let’s go this guy’s ready to rock with me so we go into the bathroom real quick we both hit a bump
(38:36) and then I was talking to him I’m like yo how are we gonna actually like I want to do one right before because it does take about 15 minutes to link circulating I didn’t want to be derushed yeah yeah by the time I jumped though so he’s like all right he remembered me from the first time I jumped because I was just vibing with
(38:51) everybody smoking afterwards and [ __ ] and he put us in the back of the plane I had a bullet are you wait are you on your third jump are you jumping by yourself are you with no I was just I was with somebody else in my third too but on that second jump we sat in the back of the plane we waited for everybody to go and you know
(39:08) I passed the bullet back to him like don’t go ahead like get yours in he was like all right and I was like all right I’m like [ __ ] let’s go I got the rush and so we start we start like weaseling our way up the [ __ ] little tiny plane he’s like you ready I’m like I just pushed he’s like are you ready
(39:24) whatever went through my mind at that point because each time was different when I was stoned I was scared and I was like I got over a fear of literally just hey yo when you look out that door there’s nothing there’s the sky and by the way for anybody that’s never skydived clouds are cold clouds literally are almost close to
(39:44) freezing it’s kind of wild but like I said the second time jumped out and it was just a rush like my heart was beating out of my chest so [ __ ] hard and here’s the weird part about skydiving you’re falling down but you’re getting so high from like the dopamine that it’s almost like you’re inverted internally like your equilibrium is so
(40:06) [ __ ] I believe it now let’s get to the third because the second one was just like a pure rush I couldn’t explain I couldn’t sleep for two days like I was trying to sleep I was laying down for like an hour and a half back and forth like my adrenaline was [ __ ] nuts but he’s getting amped now just talking
(40:25) about oh my god dude I would do it again but like now I feel like my heart would I think my heart would get out yeah doing it now but the best time I could say was when I did acid because I remember the guy wasn’t there but I had already ate the tab like I don’t know like that’s what made me want to go skydiving it was such a nice
(40:44) day I was kind of by myself at the time my girl wasn’t around she was at work and I was like yeah I’m gonna eat some ass it didn’t have any plans that day to do skydiving I wanted to go walk around my dog and just [ __ ] off you know yeah that’s not what you did at all it’s literally the complete opposite yeah I went over to
(41:02) Cross Keys over in South Jersey and uh I was just kind of sitting there you go through the process you watch the [ __ ] videos like so I’ve been here done that guy and I was looking for my guy I’m like yo where is he at and I just kind of got the feeling he either wasn’t working there just wasn’t there
(41:16) that day I was like [ __ ] it so we get up in the plane and you know how like acid comes in waves like you’re just waving through it it’s like ah God this is great oh [ __ ] I’m feeling it oh this is nice oh I’m calm you know you’re like all over the board I was in the plane I was in like the middle on the
(41:33) left side and I’m sitting there and my head’s down like you know you just kind of got that like that like Zen and I was like oh my God I’m feeling this then you read like at the front of the plane it kind of has like your altitude so once you hit about 16 like four it’s like 14 000 to 16 000 feet they hit the green light as long as
(41:53) like there’s no crazy wind tunnel in the area excuse me but uh door opens up and I’m like oh wow the trip kicked in super hard like almost like I I had no that was like a zero zero to a hundred of like adrenaline I started like tearing up and I was like oh my God like if I could tell you like the flood of
(42:16) emotions that hit me and I didn’t jump yet I get to the front I inch I I mean probably for the last like 20 seconds I was profusely sweating like everything was coming out of me like fear I felt like greed I feel like the seven deadly sins came out of me as I’m looking down and then this other random person which he was cool too not
(42:39) as cool as the other dude he’s like you ready and I’m like yeah and just chopped hmm that moment changed my life did you did you be because you jumped two times prior did it feel like that third time because of the acid like you were just kind of Free Falling forever or did like this seem longer quicker
(42:59) like um longer because the experience is kind of quick like the the coasting down once you pull your shoot that’s like a that could be a couple minutes depending upon like like how deep you pull your shoe but I always like to pull it at the last second I want I want everything all right yeah I forget where it’s I think
(43:17) if I can remember it’s like around 2 000 feet you have to pull because if not then you start falling at a rate that like the shoot can’t catch the wind fast enough but um I jumped and I felt like everything in my life had went away my stress anything I’d ever felt my life and I thought remember what I told you
(43:40) on the first jump I was like I thought I was beating fear no I think I was just doing something new when I jumped on the third time I was so inside myself that I was like I’m jumping for my life right now not that you’re gonna die it’s just this is going to be a free fall that isn’t amped up the adrenaline’s there
(43:58) but as soon as I jumped off the plane and I just kind of like threw my hands up and like you roll backwards your whole [ __ ] just goes and you just get that last breath before the force of the fall Hits you because you can get one good breath before you jump off that plane one and it’s just that yo
(44:19) now and it’s like yeah I can imagine and when I flipped you know you flip backwards like not like you do a backflip but like you just flip backwards it was gone it’s one of those moments where I realized acid I didn’t have any conversations I didn’t have anything going on I just had probably so much stress built up about
(44:38) being an entrepreneur like they’re like crazy activities like that would just take me over and it’s like how many people do you know they’ll be like why are you doing that you’re a [ __ ] lunatic I’m like what if I told you it would change your life would you do it I know seven yeah seven people Nothing
(44:54) specifically seven nah that’s [ __ ] crazy first of all you’re nuts um I hear that a lot yeah it’s good knots though good nuts because yo it’s one it’s a story too you lit you experience something that even people that do Skydive like I met a guy he’s like yeah I jumped out an airplane like three thousand times I was like
(45:16) dude there’s only 365 days in a year like how long you’ve been doing this like I’m like what well you know he’s like oh I jumped like four times the adrenaline last week the adrenaline for me is gone I feel like I can’t I feel like if there’s any time you do something new like like when you were traveling it’s like once you breach or
(45:34) to truly breach like doing something no it’s like you did it yeah you did it you broke that fear you broke that [ __ ] I like to call it the shoulder drop like like oh that that’s what I was like when traveling dude that that trip that I did it was like three and a half four months I did that again for three and a half
(45:53) four months the next year on the exact date that I left the previous year that beneficial to you yeah the first one I went by airplane and just wherever I needed I was mostly going to major cities the next one I did it by car with a road trip with uh two of my best friends and we just like straight up lived outside of a car just
(46:16) camped wherever we could we gotta we got a hotel once a week just to like shower and then we would like stay with friends we were [ __ ] like not luxurious like you know what though you lived yeah it was awesome he was sick we saw we saw crazy like I remember one time we uh we were driving through um a time zone different time zones
(46:40) during daylight savings on a mountain at Sunset it was just like a weird thing like we were going back in time and then forward in time and then you’re seeing all these views and you’re just like dude what is this this is why where you want to ask it at the time I was not no I only I’ve only no are you acid or mushroom guy both I have
(46:58) means to take them two different reasons I’m more of a mushroom guy I’ve done acid um I only I only did acid once did you have a good experience yeah a great experience yeah I did it uh St Petersburg Florida not a college that basically threw a little tiny festival for their students that like anyway
(47:19) everyone was doing drugs in there not incentivizing but like and then they were literally handing out drug tests just to make sure people were taking the right [ __ ] yeah but I’m more of a mushroom guy way more of a mushroom guy I just think like I I don’t know I heard this quote once I think I think it was like Sting or
(47:39) something it was something random he’s like I don’t know all the secrets to life but mushrooms is a start wow yeah and I was like that is a good start oh God let me see what the fuss is about and then the fuss was it’s cool it’s great yeah I so I take all right this is gonna sound crazy also not advising everything you say sounds crazy
(48:00) Jay I know right if I didn’t like a good way yeah like here here’s my only twist when it comes to mushrooms and acid I only have one or I guess two if you want to break it down between the two but if I couldn’t figure something out logically like I needed help in my brain I would take acid acid would help me
(48:19) control my thoughts if they were maybe starting to get out of control or they started like believing the reality of what I was trying to say that’s why mine’s the reverse yeah see mushrooms are my I can’t figure my emotions out I’m stressed I got cortisol and tension built up in my body like acids for for
(48:35) me acid’s been for the Mind mushroom’s been for the heart that that’s how I kind of angle about the tune you know it’s good for the soul hot yeah in a football is it time is it I I don’t know day is it time and that live Dylan and that yeah we gotta end the live real fast we can come back on I feel like this is this is the
(48:58) other exclusive yeah this is the other exclusive I have never I feel like I have to do this just because it’s like a thing you do yeah that’s why I’m doing it is it where’s it at no I wanna oh you wanna I wanna hit the barber so real quick this piece this piece right here was made by a really good friend of mine Alex he’s a glass
(49:22) blower of Philly I hit him up one day and I was like dude I’m so high right now what if I had a bong that was a barber pole he’s like oh yeah dude you’re definitely high as [ __ ] but I did it sick but I was like can you do it that’s all I said I’m gonna go can you do it that should be that should be your
(49:38) merch if I could get it to be Mastery you ready I mean solid it’s as I’m saying I’ve never publicly talked about my last name and I have never publicly smoked weed enjoy brother mom if you’re watching this I love you dude my mom’s like see me smoke weed do Coke pop acid she’s just like oh my my mom knows what I do but it’s the fact
(50:10) that it’s like oh anyone can see this yeah yeah I feel that yo it’s so much accepted though like in this in this culture today I feel like if you want to go back 10 years ago weed was just like ew you smoke weed it’s like now you smoke weed it’s like oh shoot you kind of get it like it’s literally legal yeah
(50:27) at least out here at least we’re sitting that from this this sounds like it’s legal for us I’m not breaking the law Mom it’s legal it’s just it’s like that shame it’s like like I don’t know if your mom has a look now let because my mom I know I feel like my mom would be a stoner if it wasn’t for like
(50:48) a you know the dude my dad drives trucks for a living and he tells me all the time he’s like before I was born he was like oh dude before we were born man I was [ __ ] token up and I’m like well the day you don’t drive trucks no more and that CDL is no longer useless I’m like you get it right he’s like
(51:04) I’ll think about it you know like [ __ ] you’re going to hit this bong like I’m gonna put you in a [ __ ] 1985 to where you [ __ ] remember was a great time it’s it is pretty interesting because it’s just like you know alcohol is literally poison you feel the way you do you feel good the way you do when you’re
(51:29) drunk because you’re poisoning yourself technically poisoning the mind yeah we I I don’t I wouldn’t use the word poison fertilize because it’s a bland yeah you fertilize that [ __ ] man you know what I’m saying sure we’ll go with that one Jay I’ll speak it but no I just I don’t know I know I get creative dude literally why
(51:51) do you how do you think the podcast looks like it does because I’ll just be blazing and I’ll just be editing like this on my lap like just literally like that and then just I don’t know like I’m able to one relax two expand my mind so it’s just like yeah I just never did the public because it’s just I never wanted
(52:10) weed attached to my brand but if anyone ever asks yeah okay I smell good yeah absolutely I mean I see I guess I never cared about it you know what I’ve built such a clientele over the years that most of them and I guess I have a culture for the type of guys that come into my business they all kind of follow not to
(52:33) say follow suit but like we all have like a very very like four things in common we’re all about being in shape we all want to stay in the gym and stay healthy aside from like my corporate guys like 70 of my clientele smokes weed a hundred percent of my clients are about growth I will accept nothing less
(52:54) just because that’s what I want to do if you’re with me I’m here to give you something good I’m not here to take your money kick you the [ __ ] out so now let’s keep growing and number four it’s just a general perspective of just understanding that everybody has their own [ __ ] so if we can come together as
(53:10) we’re just people you’re not coming to me from this level you’re not trying to come at me from this level it’s like can we can we level as human beings because if we can I’m all about it most people I’ve been around and I’m sure I know your industry almost maybe breeds it too much but the barber business process too what the like
(53:28) fakeness or something I’m gonna say more or less arrogance because yeah yeah okay yeah because oh yeah there’s plenty and plenty of that in entertainment yeah I’ve seen fake and it works as like condescending as that sounds I’ve seen fake work but arrogance never has so my clients that I’ve been with for years and that
(53:49) have like you know sponsored me for this whole time to do this we share those four things and I think that’s what weed like oh man I would love to tell everybody like dude smoking joint calm the [ __ ] down like take a different perspective like some people are so scared like you know how some people say oh dude I won’t smoke weed
(54:10) because it gives me anxiety it’s a good face it face that [ __ ] anxiety and run into that car that’s driving right at you yeah I did no I do that because you know what I I don’t know how you go about it but I know you’re probably just like me being a business owner you’re probably either anxious or excited
(54:29) it’s throughout most of your day either to get work done or how much work do you have to do like you probably float both sides yeah literally so for me it’s like I have that same anxiety and it’s like I have to curb it some way and to sometimes push through and not actually digest what I’m doing I feel like that
(54:46) that’s [ __ ] man I don’t think I’d have got to this place without being able to see a different perspective yeah not just the weed yeah I’ll I’ll say the like the way it’s the weed and the drugs and the traveling all at once yeah yeah it’s all new and notice how I separated weed from drugs yeah we yeah I agree I I
(55:04) will 100 I didn’t even I didn’t even mean to do that and I just did that you’re right yeah you’re you’re 100 right though truthfully because that I when I do talk to people about smoking weed it’s sometimes I get carried away by what I’ll do and I wouldn’t want to like truly recommend it like you ever
(55:22) watch the movie The Matrix yeah do you I haven’t seen a second obvious the first one I think it should have been a one and done but if they made money off the other one’s good for them is it they’re in there third and fourth dude they’re just made one a couple years yeah there’s like cartoons now like what they really took it okay
(55:38) but there was if you can remember in one part of the first movie this stuck with me so hard and this is something that like some of my clients over the years came to me for do you remember in the movie when he actually brings Neo into the Matrix and like breaks his mind he’s like yo this is what’s really going on
(55:56) dude and he was like usually we don’t pull people your age and at your point in life out of the Matrix because it completely [ __ ] them up like their whole timeline of what they think is like oh my God you know you hear people say yeah what happened to John he had a midlife crisis it’s like oh he figured it out at 50.
(56:14) [ __ ] I got that that midlife crisis at 17. like the eye opener at 17 where it’s just like oh my God this isn’t this is not it like everything is broader everything is bigger how big you want to go well that’s on the person yeah and I guess no okay it’s gonna die uh how much time we got what do you want to do
(56:46) I’ll wrap it up all right well listen yeah as soon as the camera’s gonna die I I’ll be on another episode how about that because I just I feel like me and you can talk for guys thanks for tuning in that’s my man day to day Chase he’s the [ __ ] He’s The Vision behind the vision some gotta take care see y’all later
(57:04) [Music]